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The very first dictionary of French apocopes is now available from many eBooks retailers.


Bilingual edition

“The Dico” is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca (Canada) and Amazon.fr (France).

“The Dico” is also available from Fnac.comBookelis and Numico. Please note that the iBook edition will be available soon.


French edition

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Our eBooks are soon to be published

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As we are entering the very last days of August, and it’s nearly Back to School time, the publication of our eBooks, “The Dico” and “Le Dico”, are on their way.

The very first dictionary of French apocopes

We plan to have the eBooks available in early September, so it can be a good companion for French learners on their academic journey.

The eBooks will be offered on Amazon (USA, Canada, France, and World), iBook Store, and much more platforms. As we tested our product on computers and tablets, it also works perfectly fine on mobile devices! Hopefully it will be a great tool and a fun way to learn French apocopes.

The Dico on iPhone

Free: Download the educational toolkit now!

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Teachers, learners, or curious French speakers: download the free educational toolkit.

The .ZIP file contains 3 exercice sheets (and their answers) for you or your students.

Practice your understanding of apocopes, pick the correct form of truncation, and identify the properly used technique. Those sheets are free and a fun way to picture the use of apocopes in the French language. Have fun using them, and let us know how likely you play with them!

The first dictionary of French apocopes

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“The Dico”, an original dictionary for french truncated words: apocopes

The eBook will cover hundreds of frequently used words in French. This new publication will be a referential of those words, not yet integrated into existing dictionaries. This dico (french apocope for dictionnaire, in French), will come in two editions: a 100% French eBook, and a bilingual French-English eBook.

Med, limo, jap, gas, doc, co-op, Cali, ad, ref…

Apocopes are frequently used in English, but also in other languages such as Spanish and French. The need for a specific dictionary emerged as learners of French don’t get a proper presentation of this interesting topic of colloquial expressions. It will also be a useful tool for those willing to practice French: understand, read, and speak like native speakers.

“The Dico”, the concept in a nutshell

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Guess what? “The Dico” reveals its concept!

The Dico - Our Concept

What do you think it stands for?

  • A selection of truncated expressions
  • A list of left-over and forgotten expressions
  • An emoji-based eBook about French culture
  • All of the above

Tell us below what you think the concept relies on…