What is “The Dico”?

“The Dico” is an original dictionary, the first of its kind, that sums up all apocopes used in French language. Apocopes? What’s that? Apocopes are a simplification of words by the use of their first original syllables. Cinematograph became Cinema, and in French: Ciné.

Congés mat, docu, pti déj, resto, philo, mozza, immo, heures sup, projo, réu, méthodo, répèts, osthéo, instit… those words won’t trouble anymore, waiting to be added to a dictionary, as they now have their own edition. “The Dico” is a handy eBook, that lists all French apocopes.

Apocopes are used everywhere, and by everyone

The idea of “The Dico” emerged naturally, as French language, taught as a foreign language, is not the language spoke across the francophone world. “The Dico” will bring valuable help to tourists, enlighten the curious minds, or simply show lovers of French language what those hundred of words are.

Examples of apocopes 

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