“The Dico” for Intelligent Personal Assistants

A rich idea

Whether you are using your smartphone’s Intelligent Personal Assistant (Apple Siri, Viv, IBM’s Newton, Google Now, Cortana) of a Web Browser vocal interface, one sure thing is that the experience for francophone speakers is poor, far from being the product as it was developed… in English.

Wouldn’t it be great, when you say Carbs, Grad, Hetero, Cardio, Open, Retro, San Fran, to be properly understood?  As it turns out, this form of verbal use is working for english speakers. But what about the experience for the 275 million speakers* out there?

What do we offer?

The Dico is a rich database of hundreds of words, and it can help tech companies to improve the use of omnipresent expressions and words, in a diverse context.

Our database covers:

  • 650+ words in various grammatical forms (common mistakes, plural, french words gender…)
  • IPA – International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Indication of words originally from Québec
  • Definition and example…

What you could do?

  • Improve the experience for french speaking users
  • Taylor the demand to the needs (restaurants, transportation, medical…)
  • Bring a solid competitive advantage to your users with a rich


Want to discuss with us?

Drop us a line, your international time zone, and let’s speak about possibilities!

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Some examples of poor use for IPA

Siri - Poor understanding for a medical request Siri - Poor understanding for a restaurant request Siri - Poor understanding for a music request




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