The first dictionary of French apocopes

“The Dico”, an original dictionary for french truncated words: apocopes

The eBook will cover hundreds of frequently used words in French. This new publication will be a referential of those words, not yet integrated into existing dictionaries. This dico (french apocope for dictionnaire, in French), will come in two editions: a 100% French eBook, and a bilingual French-English eBook.

Med, limo, jap, gas, doc, co-op, Cali, ad, ref…

Apocopes are frequently used in English, but also in other languages such as Spanish and French. The need for a specific dictionary emerged as learners of French don’t get a proper presentation of this interesting topic of colloquial expressions. It will also be a useful tool for those willing to practice French: understand, read, and speak like native speakers.

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